Terms & Conditions

Are Bonita Care products suitable for all skin types?

Bonita Care provides and range of skin care products suitable for all skin types. Our products have been formulated to cater for all skin types and have been thoroughly tested. If you have a particularly sensitive skin type please contact us at bonita-care.com.au and we will aim to assist you.

Where are Bonita Care products formulated and manufactured?

Zena Cosmetics are formulated and manufactured both in the Ukraine and South Korea. The Bonita Care homecare range is formulated and manufactured here in Australia.

Where do I go to get training in the use of Zena products?

Please goto the training tabs in the bonita-care.com.au website.

Can I become a Bonita Care stockist or retailer?

Yes, we welcome all enquiries from distributors and retailers.
Please contact us via bonita-care.com.au

How can I find out about the latest Bonita-Care promotions?

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and at bonita-care.com.au or subscribe to our mailing list.

What are the Product Expiry Dates?

Zena Cosmetics products can have a shelf life of up to 3 years.

To get the best results use Bonita Care products within 6 months of opening.