ABOUT TRAINING Why become a ZE Certified Clinic-Salon-Beauty Therapist?

Congratulations on considering becoming one of our Zena Certified clinics in Australia & NZ! As a Zena certified clinic with our organization, you’ll gain access to numerous benefits that can elevate your beauty business and set you apart from competitors:

Credibility and Trust: Our Zena certification is a mark of credibility and quality in the beauty industry. By displaying our certification badge, you demonstrate to clients that your clinic meets high standards of excellence and safety, earning their trust and confidence.

Industry Recognition: Being affiliated with our organization brings recognition and reputation to your clinic. Clients often seek Zena certified clinics, knowing they’ll receive top-notch services and results.

Stay Current with Trends and Techniques: As a Zena certified clinic, you’ll have access to the latest trends, techniques, and innovations in the beauty field. This knowledge keeps you at the forefront of the industry and allows you to offer cutting-edge treatments to your clients.

Exclusive Training and Workshops: Our organization often organizes exclusive training sessions and workshops conducted by industry experts. This continuous learning ensures that your staff is skilled and up-to-date with the best practices.

Marketing Advantage: Our certification acts as a powerful marketing tool. You can promote your Zena  certified status on your website, social media, and marketing materials, showcasing your commitment to excellence. We also help you to promote your results in our social media

Client Referrals: Our organization often directs clients to our Zena certified clinics when they are seeking beauty services. Being a part of our network can drive more potential clients to your business.

Improved Business Operations: Our Zena certification process often involves evaluating your clinic’s operations. Identifying and addressing any inefficiencies can lead to better management and cost-effectiveness.

Customer Satisfaction: Meeting our certification standards ensures that your clients receive the best possible care and experience at your clinic. This, in turn, enhances customer satisfaction and encourages repeat visits and referrals.                                                               

By becoming a Zena certified clinic, you join a community of reputable and successful beauty businesses in Australia & NZ. Our aim is to support your growth, elevate industry standards, and provide clients with exceptional beauty services. We believe that your dedication to excellence will contribute to the overall advancement of the beauty industry in the region.


At Bonita Care we believe that love comes from nourishing the body, mind and soul.

We are passionate about your individuality and want to help you feel beautiful.

Join Bonita Care on a journey together to rejuvenation and enrichment.

Before we start let me introduce myself.

My name is Angela Balch: Bonita Care founder and Zena Cosmetics official distributor for Australia & New Zealand

My passion for skincare had led me to make this dream possible and now I can share it with you! I have worked in several countries around the world experiencing a rich skincare environment. There are lots of new technologies, powerful ingredients and new protocols available.

Some of these amazing new technologies and protocols come via Zena Cosmetics. These protocols are now available to introduce into our clinic to excite and satisfy your clients. My aim is not only teaching you how to perform
these treatments but also give you tips on how to satisfy your clients and get them referring you to others.

Our training solutions will help you be recognised as a reputable and reliable
source for high quality skincare treatments and personalised service.

Join us and Welcome to Bonita Care Skincare Solutions!

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