Zena Hyaluronic acid & NMF serum 100 ml Cannabis Range


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Product Description


ZE NEW ALTERNATIVE active innovation in professional skin care, created based on the latest scientific achievements.


Ingredients: Water, Pantrofina NMF, Cannabis Extract (Seedocan), Laurspan,  Hyaluronic Acid,Sharomix, Fragrance
Cannabis Extract contains compounds and antioxidants that help in skin regeneration, stimulating its natural balance, deeply moisturizing, nourishing and rejuvenating it.

Indications for use: Sheet Facial Mask Hyaluronic Acid & Pantrofina NMF Complex is designed as an additional care for skin with signs of aging and facial wrinkles, dull skin, and skin with decreased turgor.

Action: Sheet Facial Mask Hyaluronic Acid & Pantrofina NMF Complex is indicated for deep and intense skin moisturizing. Hyaluronic acid supplies the deepest layers of derma with intense moisture. Pantrofina NMF Complex supplies skin with nutrients and makes it elastic and restored. Result of a regular applying of sheet mask is restored and young skin, with smoothened wrinkles, more elastic and healthy color.

Suggested usage: moisten Cannabis extract sheet mask with Hyaluronic acid and Pantrofina NMF Complex, apply it on clean face, keep for 10-15 minutes, remove and rinse with warm water. For best effect, it is recommended using it together with Cannabis Anti-Aging Nourishing Face Cream with Grundelgaba Complex.

Additional information

Weight 0300 g
Dimensions 09 × 8 × 6 cm


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